To the girls and women of my country,

you have fought every step of the way & You have fought to get an education. fought to have a minute to read, fought to work, fought to let your daughter has the rights you didn’t.
Fought to be allowed to step out of the house, fought to be allowed to merely breathe and exist as a woman. You are the true heroes of this land.

I’m hoping for the day when “women” is not a term describing for inferiority when the women’s worth is herself not in how tolerant and patient she is with being a slave to man and patriarchy.

I look forward to a day when men are able to express emotion without feeling shame, when men take equal responsibility at home, when women study, work and walk outside freely.
These freedom seem so basic, but living in a country where every breath of yours is monitored by patriarchy. It’s anything but when every ounce of your existence is measured by your worth to patriarchy, when you sit with your friends and every single one of them have faced the troubles you have. And you realize how widespread the struggle for basic human rights is, you feel two things:
First, you feel proud of women rising above.
Secondly, you hope the next generation won’t have to.

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Arushi Singh

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