Most girls have been a victim of molestation at somewhere in life. This post is dedicated to them.

A little charm on the face of a kid is not always treated the right way.
I was in third grade when my age was taken as a token of an excuse to molest me.
That so-called “man” taught me that, one doesn’t need to know the meaning of molestation to be molested. He touched me with his profane hands sitting on the back of my bicycle.

I barely knew I was abused that day until I faced a similar abuse from my art professor at the age of 12!
He made me sit on his filthy laps and said, “An artist can sketch better, only when they understand the dimensions.”
I thought he was teaching until the 60-year-old man used his hands to do a foul activity with my innocence.

And then a soldier!
Now if this sounds awkward, let it be!
But yes, a man who assures the safety of our country,
was my nightmare that day.

Now don’t be sorry for what I faced.
Go teach all the innocent kids about molestation.
The darkness of child molestation casts a shadow for a lifetime. It’s not a taboo to keep it a secret, and it’s half the crime, to not educate about it.

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  1. Sunayana Jain

    Innocence eater people are worst than devil in face of human

    1. Navya Devireddy

      Thanks 😊

  2. U have a great content.. do read my blog which is somewhat related to urs. Do give Ur feedback if possible..

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