Softwares to install in an new PC

Must Have Softwares after a fresh installation of Windows!

Software and Solutions – Active Artists Ever got confused what softwares to install after buying a new Windows PC or formatted your old PC because it was lagging too much ??? with Download Link FOA, let me clear a myth that only Desktop computers are called PCs, No! every type of computer which is used for…

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Generating sun on the earth..

Before I begin I would like to congratulate China for its success in Achieving 100 million degrees Celcius of temperature for 10 seconds whereas the temperature of the core of the sun is 15 million degrees Celcius which is higher than the temperature of the core of the sun. As we all know that India…

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Aurora: The magical science..

Have you ever seen Aurora in your life ? if yes,then you are very lucky and I am very jealous because I have not seen it. Well, we have studied during schooling that there are 3 states of matter i.e. solid, liquid and gas but there exists another one called plasma. Before we begin, we…

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How can I directly download any file from the internet to my Google Drive, using an Android phone?

Sometimes , When we are downloading Files from Internet , we may face various problems like Download failure,Low speed downloading Etc.What if our desired file can be downloaded directly to Our favorite Cloud Storage Service i.e. GDrive , Dropbox , OneDrive , Mega Etc ? So we can download it later without any Interruptions.So ,I…

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